Roll Out

Remember Xanadu? The movie in which Olivia Newton-John inspires Gene Kelly and some dude to build a roller disco where everyone’s dreams come true?

That was totally based on a true story.

Okay, maybe not. But fast-forward to this Sunday night, and some roller-rink wishes just might become reality. That’s when the spanking-new members of the Heavy Metal Hookers take on the Philthy Britches in the ongoing battle of the Philly Roller Girls.

The league of all-girl roller derbyists was born of whatever bizarre ideas the ’80s bequeathed us about fantasy and roller skating — and it’s pure badass entertainment.

After a musical opening act, the girls put on their skates, tackle each other, throw elbows, and stem bleeding noses. And they look totally sexy doing so, especially in the military-inspired uniforms Liz Truong designed for the Britches.

Some audience involvement is involved, but don’t worry: There’s only a slight chance it’ll include dodging a machete.

So get out there. This is a place where time stops, the magic never ends, and it’s all in good fun.

At least until someone loses an eye.

Philly Roller Girls, Millennium Skate World, 1900 Carman Street, Camden, N.J. (856-757-9460 or phillyrollergirls.com). Bout is Sunday, 5:30 p.m.