Chance at Red-Dress

So you had one too many cocktails and blabbed about your crush on your BF’s best friend. Now that you’re sober and he’s pissed, it’s time to make nice.

Food and tight clothing usually do the trick.

Dinner’s on you, babe, but as far as the dress goes, Victory, Victor de Souza’s ready-to-wear line, has you covered — or the vital parts at least — in slinky silks that drape the body in just the right way and hug every curve. The red and brown summer dress is sure to make him forget about past transgressions and just might earn you a little undeserved après-dinner action.

What to do if your plans don’t pan out and you get dumped? Just call his best friend for a little sympathy chat.

You know he’ll go for it.

Available at Echochic, 1700 Sansom Street (215-569-9555 or echochic.com).