Fun House

Behold … a new form of literary hybrid: The Addams Family meets La Cage aux Folles meets Six Feet Under meets Remembrance of Things Past meets Running with Scissors.

Fun Home: a Family Tragicomic is Alison Bechdel’s (acclaimed author of Dykes to Watch Out For) brutal yet unbearably funny graphic memoir.

An intelligent twist on the coming-out/coming-of-age tale, Bechdel’s story explores her childhood relationship with her closeted gay father — a man who ran the local funeral home, obsessively restored and decorated their Gothic Revival home, taught English at the local high school (taking a not entirely pedagogical interest in his handsome male pupils), and possibly committed suicide.

Her witty narrative and haunting illustrations evoke the dreamy qualities of memory. And while her story has a natural drama and pathos, it’s totally void of self-pity.

A memoir without grandiosity?

Now that’s a new genre.

Available online at amazon.com.