Brow Wow

Eyebrows: You have them — so do most people.

Sometimes, they’re like two crazy mustaches plunked on your forehead. Often, they’re the victims of myriad offenses: bungled waxing, compulsive tweezing, or serious neglect.

To save you from yourself, Melanie Engles, celebrity brow specialist (formerly of Warren Tricomi and Bergdorf’s John Barrett Salon), has come to town to work miracles on brows of all shapes and sizes.

She’ll do the Guy-Brow — and not the disconcerting, hyper-arched brow seen on those clubby guys hanging outside of Glam, either. She’ll trim and pluck unibrows to make him look younger and better groomed, but subtly so. For the ladies, she’ll trim, reshape, keep some hairs long for a brow comb over (yes, bald spots do happen), and fill in sparse areas with powder.

You’ll leave with brows you never knew you had. Or with two instead of one.

And the only mustache you’ll have to worry about is the one on your upper lip.

Available at Adolf Biecker Salon, 210 West Rittenhouse Square, at the Rittenhouse Hotel, 3rd floor (215-735-6404). For more information, go to mixnyc.com.