She’s So Fly

Ditching the granny arms: yes, please.

Lifting free weights next to some grunting ’roid monster at the local sweat box: no thanks.

Find your way out of that ringworm-laden gym and into the capable hands of pro acrobat Shana Kennedy. Her private aerial classes start at $60 per hour and work the bejesus out of your triceps (and biceps, abs, and deltoids).

Her method is like yoga meets ballet meets high school gym class — fifteen feet in the air. Split into four sections (warm up, static trapeze, corde lisse, and physical conditioning), instruction includes everything from rope shimmying to upside-down crunches. You come out looking lean, mean, and better than any free-weight-wielding Neanderthal.

Making those 12th Street iron pumpers look like sniveling little girls?

You’re welcome.

Air Play, 101 West Harvey Street (215-849-1991 or airplaytrapeze.com).