Permanent Record

Remember your first perm? The burning scalp, the tearing eyes, the plastic rollers digging into your head?

All so you could spend the next year looking like an electrocuted poodle.

It may fill you with trepidation, then, to learn that stylist Francesca Rivetti at Follicle — the loft-style salon on Chestnut, right next to Continental Midtown — is bringing back the perm.

Cower not. Oh, you’ll get the rollers, the smell, and the plastic shower cap. But this time around, you’ll also wake up every morning with perfect ringlets, a cute poufy ’fro, or sexy Gisele Bundchen waves.

A former stylist for Graham Webb, Rivetti starts with a consultation to discuss what you’d like — and what’s reasonable. If a perm is right, your hair will soon defy genetics.

And that’s a wave worth catching.

Available at Follicle, 1807 Chestnut Street, second floor (215-564-9099). For more information, go to francescarivetti.com.