That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

Accidents will happen.

Dude tries to mack with another dude’s girl and things get taken outside. Or a person runs into a lamppost while yakking on the cell. (Multitasking takes practice.)

But whether the cause is testost-o-rage or spaciness, the black-and-blue reminder is the same.

Luckily, there’s a solution for such bruise-causing slipups. Ouchy Boo-Boo Gel’s homeopathic formula, when applied to bruises, relieves discoloration, reduces swelling, and, most importantly, speeds the healing process.

And the goodness isn’t just skin deep: Ouchy is not tested on our animal friends and is made without animal byproducts. Plus, it’s packaged in a tube no bigger than a hand cream. So you can be prepared for anything that gets in your way.

Even the odd inanimate object.

Ouchy Boo-Boo Gel (877-572-4377 or drsagers.com).