Art School Confidential

Remember that bright pink Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper you used to schlep your sensitive fourth-grade material?

Yeah, you miss it, but you’re not exactly about to break it out again.

For an inspired, adult take on the sugary-sweet aesthetic, look to the sophisticated artwork of Philly couple Gina Triplett and Matt Curtius. Even their bio has a storybook ending: They met in art school, fell in love over an easel, and now create fantastical digital and hand-painted illustrations. And if you act quickly, you can buy a signed, limited-edition print for $40 to $110.

Triplett and Curtius list Ira Glass, 16th-century Flemish painters, and vintage textiles as major sources of inspiration, but we think their work is more neo-psychedelic meets Bambi inside a box of melted crayons.

So, yes, the young marrieds’ art may recall the three-ring binders of yore.

But no one will ever call your taste elementary.

Available online at ginaandmatt.com.