There’s the Rub

You’ve got a permanent crick in your shoulder, a chronically seized up lower back, and zero ability to turn your head to the left.

Sure, things could get worse. Buy why wait till then to call Debi Phillpotts, shiatsu master?

The petite stylist/massage therapist works out of a small studio above the Rocket Cat Cafe, and she can free you from that prison of body aches and pain. She practices five-element shiatsu, focusing on acupressure and breathing, which will restore a full range of motion to your 2,000 parts by freeing trapped energy that causes pain.

After your session, you’ll feel like a bowl of jelly. And without all the ache, you’ll find moving around to be a far less harrowing experience.

For one thing, you’ll be able to look both ways before crossing the street.

The Shiatsu Studio, 2001 Frankford Avenue, enter through Rocket Cat Cafe (215-668-4076).