Bartenders roll their eyes. Hipster servers snicker behind your back in the wait station.

Why? Because you ordered the wrong microbrew with your duck salad, cheese for your wine, and — horror of horrors — the wrong vintage in general.

Don’t let fear take the fun out of drinking. (As if.) Get yourself to the Fermentation School, which starts Wednesday. You’ll learn all you need to know about what to drink the next time you’re faced with the task of ordering.

Fermentation School is owned and operated by Tria’s Jon Myerow (an admitted beer geek). He offers classes on Tuscan wine, artisanal cheeses, and wood-aged beers. Classes are taught by renowned foodies, like Tria’s wine director, Michael McCaulley; coauthor of The Murray’s Cheese Handbook, Liz Thorpe; and owner-brewmaster of Portland’s Allagash Brewery, Rob Tod.

With teachers like these in your corner, you’ll be able to order with confidence.

You may even be able to teach that sneering sommelier a thing or two.

Available at the Medical Arts Building, 1601 Walnut Street, suite 620. Call 215-972-7076 for a reservation or book online at triacafe.com.