It Had to Be Mew

The likelihood that tomorrow you’ll be gripped by a desperate urge for a new purse, a set of knitting needles, and some face time with a talking potato? Somewhere in the same statistical realm as getting struck by lightning.

Still, you never know. So be glad that Saturday marks the grand opening of Mew Gallery, a new gallery that sells bags, clothing, jewelry, natural beauty products, and other wares made by locals on the verge.

Stop by the party tomorrow to preview the goods and partake of refreshments. A talking potato will, in fact, be on display — purely for your amusement. Or swing by anytime for purses and jewelry by Girls Can Tell, clothing from Feast by Adrienne Mannow, tees by MintCar, and prints by Gina & Matt.

Mew Gallery also sells hand-dyed yarns by Tiny Airplanes to go with the aforementioned needles. Which is great, since you never know when the urge to knit a sweater might hit.

At least as often as lightning striking twice.

Mew Gallery, 906 Christian Street (215-625-2424 or mewgallery.org).