Furnished References

Victory: You finally talked Aunt Sylvia into giving you her mint-condition, mother-of-pearl inlaid 1920s vanity.

Defeat: Now that it’s sitting next to the Sploorgh you bought at the Nordic furniture emporium, you’re sensing it may not mesh with your decor.

That’s where Michele Guinta Cimillo from Scarlet Fiorella comes in. She’ll take the phony reproduction piece out of your hand and find you antique bedroom pieces in the same style.

Specializing in pieces from the ’20s to the ’40s, Cimillo will transform your mismatched boudoir into an art deco showroom. Not only will she source the furniture, but she’ll paint it and update hardware so hinges don’t squeak.

Once you see what’s in store for you, you’ll want to do each room in a different decade.

And you’ll never again have to hear, Hey, I have that Sploorgh in my bedroom, too.

Available at Scarlet Fiorella, 402 South 20th Street (215-545-5559 or scarletfiorella.com).

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