Everything Nice

For the next month and a half, well-wishers will be cramming holiday cheer down your throat.

Literally: Mulled wine, pumpkin pies, and gallons of apple cider. Since you can’t beat them (although you’d like to), join them.

But make it on your own terms: The Apple ’n’ Spice facial is a way to enjoy holiday delights without ingesting a thing. Offered throughout the holiday season at Pure Bliss Wellness Center & Spa, the treatment promises to warm your bones and clear out your pores. (Attempt that, fruitcake.)

First there’s an alpha relaxation session to relax muscles, then a top-notch facial, during which your face is cleansed, exfoliated, and treated with a hydrating mask from a top-secret line exclusive to Pure Bliss. (It’s so secret, we can’t even tell you what it is.) After that, your face is washed with cinnamon-infused water, which calms irritated skin, and apples are applied to puffy eyes.

You’ll leave smelling like you just engaged in some serious merrymaking.

But looking like you skipped it altogether.

Available at Pure Bliss Wellness Center & Spa, 1704 Walnut Street (215-732-7873 or pureblisswellnesscenter.com).