The Luxe Life

You could care less about “tired, dry winter skin.”

Hell, if you wanted some flush in your cheeks, you’d just sip the Johnnie Walker in your flask and hit the dance floor at Hands and Knees.

We commend your laid-back attitude, but we’ll put it to you straight: You and your Brillo-pad skin are desperately in need of Blossom’s Luxe facial. The 75-minute, skin-hydrating service will leave you looking and feeling refreshed.

Thanks to the finest Sonya Dakar botanical products, you’ll not only get an expert steam and deep cleanse but also a top-notch acupressure massage (let us tell you: It does wonders for sinus pain). The light makeup application after the procedure hides any noticeable extractions.

’Cause let’s face it. You care a little about that.

Available at Blossom, 13 South State Street, Newtown (215-860-3388).