Balls to the Wall

You just spent the last hour sweating in silence, twisting into various positions, and praying that you’d remain in control of your various bodily functions.

And Pilates is supposed to be relaxing?

Anxiety-prone exercisers will feel at ease when they try out Lithe Method Therapy Melt. The new program takes Lithe Method studio’s combination of Pilates, intensive ballerina barre work, strength training, and cardio and adds a simultaneous massage. (Why didn’t we think of that?)

As you move, reach, and stretch, instructor Tiffany Young kneads away your chronic sore spots with therapeutic “miniballs,” which she claims will improve muscle stiffness, toxic soreness, and stress in the often overlooked connective tissue.

Being relaxed will allow you to work harder and more effectively to burn fat, tone thighs, flatten abs, and shape your bod.

For real. No ball busting here.

Lithe Method, 1030 North Second Street, Liberties Walk, number 401 (215-928-1662 or lithemethod.com).

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1030 N 2nd St
bt W George & W Wildey Sts, ste 501
Philadelphia, PA 19123