Splish, Splash, Fun in the Bath

You’ve found many ways to occupy yourself in the shower. But once the hot water’s gone, your roommates are left wondering what you’ve done to steam up the loo.

Next time you exit the bathroom, don’t let housemates give you dirty looks. Moon them perhaps, but definitely flash your bar of Elena Sajt’s felt soap.

The Slavic artist (who makes sculptures out of wool and human hair) offers a new way to wash away sins with her line of sudsy bars. Each one, encased in multicolored felt, is unlike anything else you’ve seen or smelled in the tub (in a good way).

After repeated vigorous scrubbings, you’ll be left with baby-bottom-soft skin and a scrap of fabric that you can use in your next DIY project (be it a hat, cummerbund, wrist gauntlet, full beard, or sock). Get creative.

And you’ll have much more than crinkly fingers to show off.

Available at Bruges Home, 323 Race Street (215-922-6041 or brugeshome.com).

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323a Race St
Philadelphia, PA 19106