Don’t Front

You’ve thought about icing your grill forever. But there’s no way you’d rock a lame set of bedazzled fronts like everyone else you know.

Make it classy with custom caps — a top canine, a bottom incisor, or both canines (a whole grill is played out).

Custom jeweler Nate “Da Jew” Barskey can hook you up. Barskey, who makes everything from classic wedding bands to huge gold knuckles, is now crafting caps on special request.

Make an appointment and Barskey will suggest type of gold (white, yellow, rose) or platinum and give you price points. You decide whether you want stones (we advise against the green).

Once you know what you want, visit your dentist for a set of molds and bring them back to the jeweler so he can fit your caps. Yeah, there’s a little bit of a process involved, but you’ll flash your new smile soon enough.

Just be careful not to blind anyone.

To schedule an appointment, e-mail natedajew@gmail.com.