Get Loose

Between managing your evil boss, bratty sister, and decidedly untrained house pet, you barely have time to think the word relax, never mind add it to the list of things to actually do.

But acupuncturist Gurneet Singh and aesthetician Laura Kuhl can help you find the calm (among the bitching and the puppy pee) with their Shen Facial.

The pair works like a Zen tag team. During your consultation, you’ll describe your skin type and your body’s rhythms to Kuhl and Singh, who will then check your pulse and tongue to determine how your body is functioning.

After placing acupuncture needles on the body, they’ll administer a gentle facial, Reiki treatment, and a craniosacral massage.

The two-hour process should leave you more relaxed than you’ve ever been in your life.

At least until work tomorrow.

Available at Triune, 325 Cherry Street (215-627-6279 or tri-une.com).