Taking a Snooze

Sleep deprivation has some odd side effects.

Like yesterday, over breakfast, when you hallucinated a visit from your long deceased cat. Right before you left the house in your pajamas.

That’s why Snoozer Loser is for you. The New York-based line of separates by Sonia Tay is such a no-brainer, even your insomnia-addled brain can handle it. And the clothes are cute enough to perk up even the sleepiest day.

Favorites include the Jenny, a green and blue belted dress with gathered princess sleeves; the Amy Grace, a cotton-lined silk and rayon parachute dress; and the Amelia, a light pink, printed top with an empire waist and buttoned shoulder straps.

All the fabrics are hand-printed — proof that Tay is definitely not sleeping on the job.

Unlike someone else we know.

Available online at snoozerloser.etsy.com.