Think Outside the Box

That “wheatgrass” in your window box isn’t fooling anyone anymore.

We know rampant weed growth when we see it.

So does Michael Haschak, owner and florist at Pure Design, and he can help. Haschak knows that urban dwellers need a green space that’s as modern and sophisticated as they are, so he’ll send his highly trained staff to create a custom window box that reflects your tastes.

A stint as a fashion merchandiser gave Haschak an eye for color, proportion, and trend. He scours the market for exotic and rare blooms and plants them in your window box, creating designs with clean lines, bright hues, and unexpected flourishes. One of the lucky few with a backyard? He’ll hook you up with a Zen-like garden that’s decidedly gnome free.

Now, your neighbors might get jealous when they see the transformation.

Just remind them the wheatgrass is always greener.

Michael Haschak at Pure Design, 500 South 22nd Street (215-545-6666).

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500 S 22nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19146