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What’s Cookin’, Good Lookin’?

There’s a reason you don’t have civilized, sit-down dinner parties anymore.

And that reason is a little thing called cooking.

Next time you decide to host a party, call Jayson Michaels Fine Catering, run by Alphabet Soup chef Jayson Grossberg. He’ll do all the shopping and cooking, whether it’s a dinner for ten or an enormous feast for 100.

As for the menu, don’t be afraid to think big: venison steaks with blueberries, leeks, pistachios, and a truffle jus for your carnivorous friends; salmon with apple, Brussles sprouts, and pickled beets for seafoodies; and yellow tomato risotto for vegetarians.

He can even make vegan dishes, ensuring that no one at the party goes hungry.

Finally, someone who really brings something good to the table.

Jayson Michaels Fine Catering (610-896-6626).