Sweet and Innocent

Self-described sweetheart? Sounds a little suspect.

We know that you’ve got a secret. (Or is it that you are a secret?)

To the joy of those who play it close to the vest, Sweet Jane Vintage & Records just opened its South Philly storefront with the kind of whisper common to the vintage-loving populace. After all, a true vintage vixen never reveals her tricks.

Don’t say that we told you about the ’60s cocktail frocks, the ’70s scarf section, and the giant ’80s power frames collected and edited by owner Jen Zimmerman. We won’t even mention co-owner Mike Trombley’s vinyl collection that puts the records in your rumpus room very much to shame.

Make an undercover stop and find out more.

We’d tell you ourselves, but we’d have to kill you.

Sweet Jane Vintage & Records, 1742 East Passyunk Avenue (215-339-0882).

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1820 E Passyunk Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19148