Good ’Stache

Men get away with a lot.

Mainly, farting in public and growing a mustache. Things ladies try not to do.

Only now you might want to wear a mustache. Something’s Hiding in Here makes Mustache Envy, a wonderful ’stache-on-a-stick for those who want to flex their masculine side and enliven a boring family dinner or client meeting.

The mustaches are hand-carved from poplar, stained ebony, and mounted on a little pole. You can pull yours out when you see someone you don’t want to see you; entertain your friends while you talk in a weird, poncy accent; and use it on your dog — it’s safe for animals (though not necessarily humane, should they eat it or something).

And it sure beats getting one tattooed on your finger.

Available online at somethingshidinginhere.typepad.com.