Cool Down

Need a new workout? Probably. If you’re like us, you have the attention span of a gerbil. And the treadmill is an extension of the cubicle maze.

Move on. An exercise regimen at Jennifer Kries’s Hot Body Cool Mind studio incorporates the physical standbys (Pilates, yoga) with a mind-body discipline called Waking Energy.

A combination of qigong, the Five Tibetans (longevity exercises), and yin yoga, Waking Energy stimulates your chi and aligns your chakras. The age-defying practice calms the mind and helps you harness universal energy. That’s the theory (chi rarely comments on the record).

But imagine: Instead of running out for a shot of caffeine, you could channel adrenaline from within.

And find what it takes to rejoin the rat race.

Hot Body Cool Mind, 1616 Walnut Street, suite 1407 (646-660-4769 or jenniferkries.com).