Where the Wild Things Are

Philadelphia, so full of wild things.

There’s wild bad: the smell of the subways that rival the zoo; your last boyfriend, the one who belonged in a zoo.

Then there’s wild good: artist Michelle McCoskey and her menagerie of crocheted little creature scarves.

The winter accessories brighten even the dreariest day. Skunk mittens are sweet (not stinky); squid scarves are basically the most awesome thing you’ve ever seen.

McCoskey welcomes custom orders, so contact her to discuss color and species and she’ll whip one up just for you. (They’re the only animals you can dress in without incurring the wrath of PETA.)

When you wear them, you’re sure to get lots of calls.

Just hope they’re not mating calls.

Available online at michellemccoskey.com. For custom orders, e-mail cozmo4mm@msn.com.