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Tasty Morsels for Your Tasty Morsel

In seventeen days you have to pull something glorious out of your ass for Valentine’s Day.

You could try something original, but that would look contrived.

Just stick with chocolates. Really. Especially if they’re from Eclat Chocolate.

The West Chester-based company’s master chocolatier, Christopher Curtin, created mendiants — round, delicious chocolate that comes from different parts of the world.

If your sweetie likes the dark variety, order Tanzania, made from 75 percent cocoa. If it’s milk choc that makes him melt, go with Ecuador. And if your beloved likes it exotic, get Aleppo Pink Peppercorn, which combines three different chocolates with a hint of fire.

Because you know you want a piece of that.

Available at Eclat, 24 South High Street (610-692-5206 or eclatchocolate.com).