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The Mad Hatter

Unless you’ve been living in a rabbit hole, you know that asymmetrical haircuts are out. And hats are in.

Or on, in fact.

Cover up that messy mop with a Samsara hat by Sara Czosnyka. Born and raised in Chicago, Czosnyka lives and works in a Lakeview studio where she sculpts her own shaping blocks and hunts for fabulous embellishments.

To spark inspiration, Czosnyka likes to travel and swap ideas with other artists. She’s drawn to authentic sources like vintage hats (which she deconstructs and reinvents), costume jewelry, vintage animal parts (teeth, fur, beetle shells, quills, bones), leather, and even human hair.

We love the black trilby with gold stitching and real tooth, the pork pie with yellow bone accent, and the dent fedora with vintage alligator broach. Custom designs are also available.

When it comes to getting ahead, Czosnyka’s clearly at the top of her game.

And she won’t be hanging up her hat anytime soon.

Available at Bonnie & Clyde’s, 1751 West Division Street, at Wood Street (773-235-2680). To see styles, go to samsaradesign.com.

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1751 W Division St
@ Wood St
Chicago, IL 60622