Moms Say the Darndest Things

There are lots of things that mothers do well. Fix boo-boos, cut crusts off sandwiches, point out failures and shortcomings. But if there is one thing that they do best, it’s let us know they love us.

And the No. 1 way? Aside from care packages of toothpaste and pants that don’t fit, it’s sending loads (and loads) of endearing, unintentionally hilarious e-mails (from their AOL accounts, natch).

The folks behind Postcards from Yo Momma get the joke so much that they created a website dedicated to maternal correspondence. From IM exchanges about how to create “<3” to letters about putting ice blocks down one’s trousers, PFYM basks in the glory of every mother’s lovable computer-illiterate quirks.

Yes, you probably should call her more often.

In the meantime, go read notes from other moms and laugh your ungrateful, bratty little ass off.

Online at postcardsfromyomomma.com.