Get Nailed

We love the unexpected. And when we happened upon the new Rittenhouse Manicure & Spa, we knew we had struck mani/pedi gold.

First, we were given a box of brand new tools that the salon will keep in a personal drawer for when we go back. The owner instructed us to write our name and birthday on it and handed it over to the technician. We were floored: Who the hell gives anything away for free these days?

Then we were treated to top-notch services in a sparkling clean space. No nasty-tempered bitches on their lunch breaks, no harried hags filing our fingers off. In fact, we were even treated to a neck and shoulder massage as our nails were polished.

It was silent, serene, and relaxing.

Let’s hope it stays that way once word gets out.

Rittenhouse Manicure & Spa, 268 South 20th Street (215-546-4501).