Food & Drink

Gobble It Up

Thanksgiving is great: You can start drinking at ten in the morning, eat until you feel like a corpulent slob, and pass out in front of the TV. Guiltlessly.

At least that’s how we roll now that we eat meat again.

But don’t let the holiday ruin your vegan habit. Miss Rachel’s Pantry will whip up a cruelty-free feast for two or more that will make you want to drop-kick the Tofurky out the door.

Rachel’s cooking turkey-style seitan with mushroom gravy, truffled mashed potatoes, rosemary stuffing, candied carrots, homemade cranberry sauce, and iced pumpkin bread. Got gluten allergies? She’ll sub in tofu and creamy string beans, delivering it to your door the day of or night before.

So you can still do that integral binging bit between the drinking and the passing out.

Miss Rachel’s Pantry (215-285-7622 or missrachelspantry@gmail.com).