See Spot Rub

A few things one expects to find at the office: water coolers, empty donut boxes, a general sense of ennui.

A team of massage therapists waiting to give you a rubdown, tragically, doesn’t usually make the list.

Tiffany Young thinks that’s a shame: Her new On the Spot Wellness service provides on-site massage treatment to you and your co-workers, kneading out work-related aches, pains, and bad vibes.

With the multitude of stress inducers at most jobs (not to mention life), we think the service’s value should be obvious. But if the seething mass of insecurity who calls himself The Commandant needs convincing, quote Young and her team — who believe that bringing wellness to the workplace creates productivity.

Bullshit? Maybe.

Or she’s just got your back.

On the Spot Wellness (215-925-2735 or onthespotwellness.com).