Sexy Beast

Having a hellhound in your living room sounds as crazy as Blagojevich on an unmedicated media blitz.

But at least this hellhound doesn’t bite.

Our favorite local artist, Keith Greiman, rendered prints of Black Shuck (the hound in question) for Beasts! Book Two and just released the originals to the public.

The design appeared in the weirdly compelling Fantagraphics volume along with other mythological creatures that have scared people throughout history. (Black Shuck also appears on The Darkness debut album Permission to Land.)

Get your hands on one now at Little Paper Planes. Greiman says they’re a bit more graphic than his typical work, but he wanted them to be emblematic of a logo. We say fantastic!

And at a mere five bucks a pop, they’re bound to sell faster than a U.S. Senate seat.

Available online at littlepaperplanes.com.