Glazed and Confused

It’s been said that the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.

Take your manicure routine: You expect to be pampered but get rushed. Inevitably smudge your polish. Repeat weekly.

Ditch the drill and get a nail glaze at Laurentius Salon instead. Epoxy-like shades are painted on nails, after which a clear top coat is applied.

Since it dries thicker and harder but more flexible than regular polish, chipping is a thing of the past — and some swear that it makes the natural nail healthier and less prone to splitting. The process takes about the same time as a regular manicure but lasts up to four weeks.

At $45, it’s cheaper than your monthly mani total.

And not the least bit nuts.

Available at Laurentius Salon, 815 Christian Street (215-238-0764 or laurentiussalon.com).

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815 Christian St
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