Tea for Two

Our head throbs to the beat of our neighbor’s bad hip-hop. Pound on the wall? Nah, he’d think it was the bass.

Plan B: We’ll have a tea party. Yes, you heard us right, biotches (that’s part of the song), we havin’ a tea party. And not with the busted ass cups we found in this joint.

Our pal Alexis Siemons makes custom cuppies, lovingly inscribing them with haiku, floral details, and Philly-centric sayings and images (or whatever you fancy, really). She finds the teacups at flea markets, restaurant stores, and local shops.

Formerly in advertising, she went rogue and started blogging about tea and giving new life to these dainty porcelain babies.

Which is way better than, say, beating your neighbor with a sackful of nickels.

Available by e-mail order (alexis.siemons@gmail.com). To see styles, go to teaspoonsandpetals.com.