Wiggle Room

Your version of a devil’s bargain: To repay Mom for shuttling you to and from square dance classes, you got up on stage and halfheartedly popped jazz hands.

With The Philadelphia School of Burlesque, you get to relive all that stage fright — but this time it’s a whole load of fun.

Showgirl Annie A-Bomb knows there’s more to the art than a little bump and grind. Her new four-session series focuses on the fundamentals, tackling a different topic each week. From flat and sassies to bodacious broads, all body types are welcome. Plus, if you’re feeling shy, there’s no need to drop total trou.

She’ll share her extensive knowledge of costuming, applying eyelashes, and making pasties (and getting ’em to stick). You’ll also create your own character and act.

Because now it’s tit for tat.

Classes start April 14 at The Walking Fish Theatre, 2509 Frankford Avenue. Registration required (annieabomb@revivalburlesque.com).

Photo credit: Craig Rothfuss

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2509 Frankford Ave
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Philadelphia, PA 19125