The Green Mile

Once upon a time, only you could prevent forest fires and stomp out litterbugs. But bragging about not throwing trash out the window isn’t impressing anyone lately.

Seek redemption from the green and judgmental and hit up the Big Green Earth Store, opening a second, much-expanded location today.

The new shop sells clothing and accessories like EcoGear bamboo tees, Eartha’s handbags made from reclaimed materials, and Thinkbaby clothes for kids. While you’re there, stock up on earth-friendly laundry detergent and nontoxic paint.

You can recycle old cell phones or all those plastic bottle caps floating around in the backseat of your car. Which, incidentally, would make for a perfect Earth Day activity.

We’re just tossing it out there.

Big Green Earth Store, 934 South Street (267-909-8661 or biggreenearthstore.com).

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934 South St
bt S 9th & S 10th Sts
Philadelphia, PA 19147