Existential Road Map

Finding the familiar in the unfamiliar is not an altogether common occurrence.

But such is the case of Atlas of Unknowns, Tania James’s debut novel. The book explores the strength of bonds between sisters when they’re tested by distance, time, and betrayal.

Linno and Anju Varalla’s story opens in Kerala, India. Anju has landed a scholarship to study in post-9/11 New York only to lose her grant when she reveals she forged her sister’s artwork as her own. With few options, Anju runs away from her host family and loses herself in Queens. When news of her sister’s disappearance reaches Kerala, Linno struggles to bring Anju home.

James’s novel shows how each woman builds her separate life and works to reconcile her past with her future.

And that’s something that hits close to home.

Available online at amazon.com or at your local bookstore.

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