Jumping Jack Flash

In your attempt to avoid swine flu, you’ve given up human contact. Well, at least that’s been your happy justification for skipping the germ-ridden gym.

We’ve got news for you: You’re not fooling anyone. And you need a better reason than the beach to get that ass in gear ASAP.

Sweat it out to help others with local dude Matt Sgro’s Boot Camps with a Purpose. Starting tomorrow (and every Saturday), meet up with a participating trainer located everywhere from Philly to Coatsville, pay $15, and the instructor involved donates all the money from each session to the charity of his or her choice. If saving the whales while doing downward dog’s more your speed, go to Sgro’s site and find a like-minded yogi.

And it’s not just around here: Trainers across the nation are signing up in support of a cause.

It’s quite the epidemic.

To find a boot camp, go to bootcampswithapurpose.com.