Fabric of Our Lives

There’s nothing more boring than a rug. It just lies there, doing nothing. The same can be said for other inanimate objects lounging around your place.

Jazz them up in fabrics by Jenny Lee-Katz.

The Welsh-born, Glenmoore-based textile designer creates inspired patterns, then prints them onto hemp, cotton, and linen pillowcases or canvas floorcloths for your decorating pleasure.

We’re especially fond of her Cariad collection, which is sort of beachy — but not like your granny’s house in LBI. If you have your own designs in mind, you can have her do a custom print.

Lee-Katz’s inspiration comes from her homeland, nature, and her son’s drawings of insects.

Which is way more fun than, say, Wal-Mart.

Available online at jennyleekatz.com. For custom orders, e-mail info@jennyleekatz.com.