Animal Instinct

You’ve been known to take a chance or two and even let it all hang out on more than one occasion.

But Beth Beverly’s collection of feathery hair combs will truly give you paws.

They’re made with parts of animals (yes, really) that the local artist finds in the street or sources from individuals who use completely humane practices. She preserves them using taxidermy — so they’re more like collectible art.

We’re in love with the small bird wings attached to a wire comb. At once attracted to and repelled by the pin with the alligatoresque grouse claw offset with diamonds. And did a triple-take at the dove’s head attached to a red hair comb carved from cow bone.

They’re equal parts creepy, inspired, and fascinating.

Just consider it a walk on the wild side.

Available at Wilbur Vintage, 716 South Fourth Street (215-413-5809 or wilburvintage.blogspot.com).

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716 S 4th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147