French Connection


You fancied yourself an excellent French student. But your friends know what kind of cramming you did during that naughty semester abroad.

Show them that your vocabulary has expanded beyond ménage à trois with a visit to Bibou.

Le Bec-Fin alum Pierre Calmels and his wife, Charlotte, head up the hidden BYOB tucked away on an unassuming South Philly block. Though there’s a range of French delicacies, the tiny spot is anything but stuffy.

The menu changes, since it relies on local ingredients like cheese and sorbet sourced from the nearby Italian Market. And the resto will host seasonal events like a foie gras-themed feast or shellfish-happy supper.

Taking veg-heads along? No need to stress: The chef can whip up something sans meat upon request.

Which will have everyone saying ooh la la.

Bibou, 1009 South Eighth Street (215-965-8290 or

Photo: Matt O’Hara / Courtesy of Biboy

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1009 S 8th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147