Stayin' Alive

os os!

The ’70s were fueled by coke and a total lack of soul.

But at least the clothes were bitchin’.

For a little Waltons-esque dressing, try Os Os clothing. The collection, designed by South Philly duo Bethany Santos and Carly Franks, has a lude-era aesthetic that we’re really loving.

You’ll bogart the sunny yellow and bright white crocheted cotton dresses with tie closures. The dusty blue high-waist short shorts will be ace this summer. We totally dig the Mary Jane jacket in black and deep red herringbone, which looks great buttoned closed, hanging open, or belted. And forget polyester: Many pieces are made of natural, redyed vintage cotton, so you’ll be sure to stay cool.

And show that you’ve got (disco) balls.

Available at Sweet Jane Vintage, 1742 East Passyunk Avenue (215-339-0882); online at osos.etsy.com.

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1820 E Passyunk Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19148