Food & Drink

All Shouk Up

You’ve been hitting the hooch for years but have yet to see the genie in the bottle.

Looks like luck may be on your side with the arrival of Leila Cafe.

The sunny corner spot is owned by friends Smiley Al and Kammouny, who hail from Lebanon. From the potent Arabic coffee to the traditional music in the background, they aim to make it an authentic Middle Eastern experience.

Dine on classics like hummus and tabbouleh, but leave room for flaky baklava or umpteen kinds of banana bread. Summer heat killing your appetite? Sit outside and puff on a hookah with fruity tobacco or keep hydrated with homemade raspberry lemonade.

Come fall, they’ll have a cozy space downstairs decked out with a bedouin tent and pillows, making it the perfect spot for lounging.

See? You just had to rub it the right way.

Leila Cafe, 401 South 13th Street (267-319-1903 or leilacafe.com).