Natural Woman

Your latest attempts to blow off steam resulted in a near-death experience (spinning class), aching ass muscles (kickboxing), and a hefty cable bill (movie titles you’d rather not mention).

Seek a more Zen release at The Natural Healing Spa.

A polished-marble maze of sun-lit treatment rooms, the city’s latest holistic hideaway offers spa services like the bamboossage (deep tissue using heated sticks), Thai herbal compress massage (think herbs wrapped in warm muslin), and mango lime skin exfoliation. It’s also home to the area’s only infrared saunas. Book a half hour in the sit-down chambers and let the total-body detox begin.

And note the new agey twist: Monthly workshops shine a light on topics like past-life regression, while one-on-one sessions such as energy healing and hypnosis treat everything from spider phobias to porn addiction.

Not that you’ve got a problem.

The Natural Healing Spa, 519 South Ninth Street (215-922-4772 or thenaturalhealingspa.com).