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Getting to the Root

root liqueur!

Old-fashioned investigative journalism isn’t dead. At least not yet. When Art in the Age launched its root beer-flavored tipple, Root liqueur, we pumped local barkeeps for the on- and off-the-menu scoop.

Upper Crusty Scenester
Ask Doug Fitz at Snackbar to make you the Root 76. An homage to traffic but so much tastier, it’s made with bourbon, a dash of chartreuse, anise, and is frothed to perfection. Plus, it tastes better than anything you’d find on the Schuylkill.

Foppish with a Sense of Style
Christian Gaal of Noble American Cookery and formerly of APO (the guy with the mustache) will make the Pennsyltucky Smash, a delicious concoction of bourbon, orange juice, and muddled mint that’s not on the menu. Ask for it by name.

Tragically Hip
If you like your drinks as straight as you supposedly are, try a plain shot at Standard Tap. The barkeeps will be glad to pour you a rocks glass (the amount depends, of course, on how much they like you).

No Pretense
Want to keep it simple? Head to the P.O.P.E. and get it mixed with ginger ale. It’s summery, refreshing, and perfect for long afternoons when you have nothing to do but hang with people you love.

Here’s hoping you’ve got a deep throat.

To find locations to purchase Root liqueur, go to artintheage.com.

901 N 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19123
1501 E Passyunk Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19147
253 S 20th St
@ Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103
2025 Sansom St
bt S 20th & S 21st Sts
Philadelphia, PA 19103
102 S 13th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107