Stay Tuned

summer playlist!

Summertime lies helplessly on its deathbed. Sigh. Queue up the season’s best jams and throw one last cheeseburger (or tofu dog) on the grill in loving memory.

Raindrops,” by Basement Jaxx
(Find a car with a sunroof as soon as possible and get while the gettin’s good.)

Psychic City (Voodoo City),” by Yacht
(As glowingly welcome as that final wedding you’re obligated to attend this season.)

Two Weeks,” by Grizzly Bear
(Play this one while you’re uninstalling that bulky AC unit from your bedroom window.)

Useful Chamber,” by Dirty Projectors
(Like you even need a reason to like this one.)

Silver Trembling Hands,” by The Flaming Lips
(As sticky and bittersweet as the summer’s last ice cream cone. Sniff, sniff.)

Hold the Line,” by Major Lazer
(Perfect for throwing on that feisty two-piece one more time and heading to the shore.)

Lisztomania,” by Phoenix
(Celebrate the fact that you can actually walk outside without melting.)

Cristalised,” by The XX
(The next big thing from across the pond, just in time for going back to school — or staying away from it.)

I Am Leaving,” by Blue Roses
(If leaves falling off trees were set to music, this is what it would sound like.)

Northern Lights,” by Bowerbirds
(As bittersweet as putting your favorite hoodie back into rotation.)