Behind Closed Doors

kloset red carpet accessories!

There are many things you know how to do well (kicking butt, taking names, and other things we won’t go into now in case your parents are reading).

But on the less tawdry side, you’re a pro at accessorizing.

Don’t fall down on the job because you think you’ve achieved the pinnacle of perfection. Introduce Kloset Red Carpet’s new line of accessories to your mix.

The Thai-based design team’s collection of belts, headbands, and jewelry is especially fresh. Belts come in periwinkle and dusty violet patent leather with attached jewel-tone buckles that have an art deco vibe. The necklaces are bold statement pieces that follow the geometric patterns but have embroidered details to soften them up. Headbands have a sprinkling of sparkle to add a dash of cute-but-a-bit-naughty to your look.

While still being something you can take home to mom.

Available at Sugarcube, 124 North Third Street (215-238-0825 or sugarcube.us).

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124 N 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19106