Scents and Sensibility

perfumes of venus!

With the world going to hell in a slat basket, it’s hard to keep going and still love your fellow man. (We know, we know, that’s heavy stuff for so early in the morning.)

But we found someone who restored our faith in humanity, and his name is Alex Morozov.

The owner of Perfumes of Venus, Morozov sells a vast quantity of fragrances in his packed storefront, including hard-to-find lines like Grès, Roger Gallet, and Hanae Mori. Want to smell like Nina Ricci’s Fleur de Fleurs? He also tracks down discontinued scents — or suggests perfect substitutes. Even better, it’s all cheap.

Morozov believes people should smell nice, instead of, say, like Paris Hilton. And because he’s old school, he genuinely cares about his customers.

Which is something sweeter than perfume.

Perfumes of Venus, 622 South Street (215-925-3430).

Photo: ThisParticularGreg/Flickr

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622 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19147