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Watts the Story, Morning Glory?

oasis living cuisine raw chocolates!

Bio gave you a migraine. Chem, a nosebleed. And you spent second-period physics smoking in the bathroom.

Luckily (for all mankind), the world isn’t made up of people like you.

We’ve also got Tiffany Watts, who parlayed her background as a food scientist into creating raw chocolate truffles that are as inventive as quantum entanglement — but far more delicious.

Watts uses unprocessed ingredients like agave nectar and unroasted cocoa beans that she grinds in her mill and melts at 96 degrees. She then creates flavor blends such as Cosmic Saucer (with goji berries) or Mystic Mayan (with a kick of cayenne pepper).

Each truffle is the result of careful blending, copious tasting, and tons of experimenting. So we’d venture to say you’ll go nuts.

If we were prone to hypotheses.

Available at Oasis Living Cuisine, 134 Lancaster Avenue, Frazer (610-647-9797 or oasislivingcuisine.com).

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