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carie brescia's makeup line!

You’ve got a plunging V-neck, helmet hair (see: your high school yearbook photo), and the daily scoop.

There’s nothing an NBC 10 news anchor has that you haven’t got.

Except, perhaps, a face full of local gal Carie Brescia’s new makeup.

Brescia created her line of foundations, blushes, lipsticks, and eye shadows while she was putting on the faces of prime-time beauties like Aditi Roy, Lori Wilson, and Deanna Durante. And they appear in high def on big screens — so you know this sh*t works.

The shadows don’t crease or fade and blend nicely. Lipsticks have a substantial consistency but don’t feel heavy. And the foundation evens out skin tone with medium coverage, which means your face won’t look like you were hit with a pancake.

Finally, some news you can use.

Available at Pileggi on the Square, 717 Walnut Street (215-627-0565). For more information, go to cariebrescia.com.

Photo: Christopher Gabello / Courtesy of Spitfire Images

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